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Job ID 8470
Jobtype Studiejob
Sted Hele Danmark
Industri Øvrige stillinger
Salg og marketing
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    31. Dec

    Salg og marketing karriere hos Mærsk

    1098, København K

    Maersk Group oil and gas jobs explained

    Energy is a complex business. The path from suspecting there may be energy reserves beneath the ground in a particular location, to actually being in a position to provide energy to consumers in the state it needs to be, is extremely long, and has many challenging, often risk-laden steps.
    Maersk Group is involved in many of the steps on this path. From Exploration and Production, through drilling and extensive oil and gas services, there are many different types of people required to keep our essential production and distribution chain working as it should.
    Whether you have an entry-level job as a ‘roughneck’ on a rig, are the captain of a 400m oil tanker, or the CEO of a business unit, you need exceptional drive, dedication and a high level of skill, in order to be a member of the Maersk oil and gas teams. Everyone who works within Maersk has an important part to play and must come to work every day ready to play it to the full.


    Oil and gas jobs – where do you fit in?

    Almost everyone’s career in oil and gas is unique.
    Though work in Maersk is most frequently team-oriented, and we expect all our employees to have a good grasp of the bigger picture, there is a technical/commercial divide in oil and gas roles.
    There are certain roles that you can come to with any background degree, whilst other roles are the exclusive reserve of individuals with specific scientific qualifications.
    Applicants for all types of role must be able to provide evidence of strong drive, confidence and motivation. Goal-orientation, hard work and outstanding performance should be the main lines in your CV story. On top of this, we aspire to employ highly-principled individuals, who are honest and respectful; people who work and live with integrity and innate ethical standards which echo Maersk Group values.


    Maersk Group oil and gas: commercial careers

    The Oil and gas business require the full range of commercial and administrative functions within management, sales, marketing, etc. For some of these jobs, a scientific background is required, for others, a business background or other relevant experience is more appropriate. See each individual job description for specific requirements. 
    The backgrounds of our oil and gas technical employees vary, but our specialists are frequently qualified engineers (mechanical,

    chemical, civil or other) or scientists such as geologists or geochemists. Other scientific disciplines, such as physics and chemistry are also well represented throughout. Consult individual job specifications for specific requirements. 

    Typical backgrounds for a commercial career within the Maersk Group:

    • Accounting
    • Business
    • Commerce
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • Energy Management
    • Engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil)
    • Finance
    • Human Resource Management
    • Industrial Relations
    • Law
    • Management
    • Information Systems
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Transportation
    • Logistics or Distribution
  • HR

    A P Møller

    Esplanaden 50, København K

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